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Discover the treasures of international cinema through the analytical lens of two media industry professionals from Finland, Karri Ojala and Henrik Telkki.

What sets this podcast apart is its straight-forward Finnish spirit, the varied guests from around the globe, whether industry professionals or fascinating people from the film's target country. Gain unique insights, knowledge and surprising looking glasses from the world of film.

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Apr 29, 2021

Suicide, politics, religion. The Oscar-nominated Polish director Jan Komasa doesn’t shy away from dangerous topics. Internationally, he’s known for ‘Corpus Christi’, but lately also for ‘The Hater’ due to its availability on Netflix. In Poland, ‘Suicide Room’ was a cult hit amongst the youth, whereas ‘Warsaw ’44’ was an artistically peculiar war film. The Flick Lab decided to watch all of his feature films, discuss the flicks in detail and look for commonalities across them. We do not touch much on Corpus Christi, because this was already covered in-depth in Episode #94.

Films covered in this episode:

Suicide Room (2011) (Sala samobójców)
Warsaw ’44 (2014) (Miasto 44)
Corpus Christi (2019) (Boże Ciało)
The Hater (2020) (Sala samobójców. Hejter)

And shorts:

Nice to See You (2003) (Fajnie, że jesteś)

Hosted by Karri Ojala and Henrik Telkki. Edit by Karri Ojala. The Flick Lab theme tune written and performed by Nick Grivell and Karri Ojala.

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Picture “Rezyser Jan Komasa” released by Franciszek Vetulani under the license CC BY-SA 4.0. Changes were made to the original.