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The world cinema podcast from two Finnish audiovisual arts graduates/students, Karri Ojala and Henrik Telkki. New episodes biweekly on Thursdays.

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Nov 28, 2019

In Licence to Kill, the James Bond franchise attempted to somewhat reinvent itself. After over a decade of light-hearted Roger Moore Bond films, it was time to get back to the source material and make Bond more gritty with Timothy Dalton.

Is Licence to Kill's Bond simply a cold-hearted killer, or is this a welcome...

Nov 21, 2019

Crazy! Some reviewers have laughed so much at this film they've had tears in their eyes through most of the running time. This is also the most commercially successful film in the history of South Africa. Is 'The Gods Must Be Crazy' really that funny and how deep do its themes go? The show is joined by a South African...

Nov 14, 2019

Are you a cat person? How about a demonic mutant cat person? In Uninvited, wealthy criminals make the calamitous decision to bring a lab cat on board their yacht. The film enjoys a cult status as one of the worst horror films ever filmed. But is it so bad that it's rather enjoyable?

Uninvited (1988). Directed by Greydon...

Nov 7, 2019

One of the most respected Polish films of all time, The Promised Land (Ziemia obiecana) is a film based on a book about the hardships during industrial revolution and capitalism in the Polish city of Łódź.
How will two Finnish film podcast hosts see this classic film?
Our Polish guest is Magda Hutny.

Ziemia obiecana...