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A podcast analyzing international cinema, by two Finns Karri Ojala (a.v. media grad) and Henrik Telkki (a.v. studies), with industry guests.

New episodes biweekly on Saturdays or more frequently.

You can find the show on most podcast players or in the episode feed below.

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Nov 19, 2022

In this episode of the podcast, the two Finns Karri and Henrik discuss Paraguayan cinema. The film industry in this beautiful and proud South American land-locked nation has remained tiny, but it has finally garnered some due attention. The duo comes across elements of creative film-making, American influences, themes...

Nov 4, 2022

Geoffrey Firmin is a British consul in Mexico in the 1930's. He is drunk. Is that it, or is there more under the hood here? Karri and Henrik look into a movie that Karri hated as a kid. Now as highly sophisticated and intelligent adults, the duo tries to find out if there's anything worthwhile to be found here. What...